Who we are?
Lamp was founded in 1973 and It has 40 years' experience.
At the first it produced particularly some coin medals for sports events. It did not have in house craftsman so it used suppliers.
Now we are a team of ten people in Trofarello and we are highly specialized.
Last year we had a turnover of half thousand euro and we are market leader in Italy.

What we produce?

We produce a wide range of coin items: medals, pins, badge, coins, paperweight, ingots and special accessories of jewellery as pendants, twin for cuff and keyring.
Usually this kind of products are business gifts, marks, awords, merits object and they could be in gold, silver, copper or brass material.

How we produce?

Our products are always top quality.
Thanks by our technologies we could engrave products to obtain plates, aluminium prototypes, personalized objects and we could create copper punches by electrolytic erosion.
Please, contact us for any requests


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